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Thermokill provides safe, environmentally responsible, and highly effective bed bug heat treatment options to customers in Toronto and the GTA, Hamilton, Niagara, Muskoka and surrounding areas.

Here are the top 7 reasons why choosing Thermokill for bed bug heat treatment is a wise decision:

  1. We guarantee our bed bug heat treatment services. (Warranty can be extended up to 120 days.)*
  2. We offer same-day inspections to control and kill bed bugs as quickly as possible.
  3. We provide free estimates.
  4. Seniors receive a 10% discount.
  5. Our team of professionals are fully bonded, insured, and licensed.
  6. Clients who leave an online review are given extra 30 days of warranty.
  7. We have a track record of providing fast, effective results, including over 100 heat treatment for bed bugs reviews from satisfied clients!

Thermokill knows how to get rid of bed bugs quickly and effectively. Our bed bug removal experts are certified, experienced, and constantly trained to ensure the implementation of today’s best practices. Furthermore, our bed bug exterminators will have your bed bug problem resolved within one day, in most cases.

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Thermokill’s exterminators offering bed bug treatments

Who needs bed bug heat treatment?

The short answer to this question is, “a lot more people than you would think!” Bed bugs can be an issue for homeowners, renters, companies, call centres and long-term care facilities. Bed bugs stand in the way of safe, healthy environments for many people.

How do I know if I need a bed bug heat treatment?

Most of our customers come to us after they see a rash or bug bite on their skin, or if their staff or residents have told them that they have rashes or bites. Thermokill’s specialty is bed bug removal, and our bed bug exterminators focus only on modern and green bed bug treatments. Contact us for a free inspection and get rid of bed bugs in one day.

Bed Bug Treatment Options

While we recommend bed bug heat treatment because it is the most convenient and effective treatment, we also offer other options, including Aprehend®, chemical treatment, and dry cleaning (vacuuming and steaming). Unlike pesticide or chemical treatment, heat treatment is able to get at all the areas of a room. It is also able to eliminate any eggs (which is something chemical treatment cannot do).

What about DIY bed bug treatment options?

There are do-it-yourself bed bug treatments you can purchase, but they can be very time consuming and dangerous (due to the risk of ingesting chemicals), and may result in property damage. We recommend hiring bed bug professionals for this work because we guarantee no heat damage for every customer we serve.
Find out more specific information about our  bed bug heat treatment service here. With many years of dedication and experience, we’re very proud to have earned the reputation as the best bed bug service centre in Toronto (and surrounding areas).

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Costs and Other Services

Costs for our treatment options range from approximately $350 (for 2 rooms of dry clean treatment, the least effective option) to $1,800 (for a 2-bedroom apartment with heat treatment, our recommended option). All treatments are 100% guaranteed; we include a 2-week followup inspection and an even longer warranty period that is up to 120 days*

Bed bug heat treatment success rate!

$$ (416) 272-1323 180 West Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1L1  Thermokill Bed Bug Heat TreatmentThermokill Bed Bug Heat Treatment
4.8 Stars - Based on 66 User Reviews
We care about our customers!
$$ (416) 272-1323 180 West Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1L1 
  • Kim MKim M

    After researching options we decided to go with Thermokill. They provided a one day treatment with less prep work and a guarantee. The technicians were professional and spent the day at our home ensuring all areas of our home were treated with the high temperature. When we returned home we were relieved and pleased with the service provided. We knew right away our home was treated with care. After a 2 week inspection we have seen no evidence of any bedbugs. Would recommend Thermokill.

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  • Christine OgonjiChristine Ogonji

    I contracted Thermokill for bedbug heat treatment and spray for coackroach infestation in our condo. It was completed on 2 separate dates for maximum success. Hannah (office admin) was very professional and patient in explaining the procedure to me whenever I called during the inspection and before the actual appointments.

    On each of the appointment dates, the team came prepared, had a walk through with me and confirmed what they would be doing during the treatment. They respectfully asked for permission to move things around and promised to be careful.

    At the end of the treatment day(s), we came back home and everything was just as we expected. We only had to vacuum and reorganize our belongings.

    I recommend them highly and with confidence that you won't be disappointed. The treatment includes a 3-4 month warranty during which to observe any signs of infestation and they include a post-treatment inspection after 2 weeks. I'll update this review then. So far it's been excellent!

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  • Sudath DayasundaraSudath Dayasundara

    Thermokill is a company I would recommend to anyone dealing with bed bug issues.
    They provided a one-day treatment with less prep work and a guarantee.
    They completed a heat treatment and spray. After two weeks, the owner of the company himself came to do an inspection to make sure everything was good.
    Thank you to the whole team & staff. I am one VERY happy customer!!!
    I would recommend them highly to anyone having any pest problems as they exceeded all expectations!

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  • AllmarketAllmarket

    I recently used Thermokill for pest infestation treatment and I could not be more impressed with their services.
    From the moment I called to schedule an appointment, I felt confident in their expertise and professionalism.
    The technician who treated my home was knowledgeable and thorough, taking the time to explain the treatment process and answer all of my questions.
    The treatment itself was effective and efficient, and I have not seen any bugs since and there is no pest infestation anymore.
    The technician even followed up with me a few days later to ensure that I was satisfied with the results.
    I highly recommend Thermokill to anyone who is in need of pest control services.
    They exceeded my expectations in every way and I am so grateful for their help in getting rid of my pest infestation problem.

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  • Michelle SoaresMichelle Soares

    Thermokill is definitely a company I would recommend to anyone dealing with bed bug issues. We went for heat treatment and were very happy with the easy prep they asked us to do. All other companies were asking for a lot of prep work which would’ve have taken weeks to complete. After two weeks, the owner of the company himself came to do an inspection to make sure everything was good. So far so good!

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Thermokill offers variety of bed bug treatments

Variety of bed bug treatments-Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

The most effective bed bug extermination

Variety of bed bug treatments-Conventional Bed Bug Treatment-

Conventional Bed Bug Treatment

The most cost effective bed bug treatment

Variety of bed bug treatments- Aprehend Bed Bug Treatment

Aprehend Bed Bug Treatment

Affordable Bed Bugs Treatment

Variety of bed bug treatments-Vacuum & Steam Treatment

Vacuum and Steam Treatment

A simple bed bug removal solution

Almost all pest control companies think they know how to get rid of bed bugs, but it is just one of their many services. We are experts in bed bug removal, and our exterminators help you to get rid of bed bugs forever! Therefore, our heat treatment success rates are the highest compared to other bed bug removal methods. Furthermore, before any bed bug treatment is performed, we evaluate the property to assess your bed bug infestation to offer the best bed bug treatment.

Save yourself some money and stop trying “do it yourself” methods or products. They never resolve the problem 100% and consequently, make the cost of bed bug removal higher than it should be. Since bed bugs hide in many small places, only a professional can find them all and fully get rid of them. Let us help you get rid of your bed bug infestation right, the first time.

Let our bed bug exterminators use their knowledge and expertise to do what we do best—remove bed bugs and bed bug eggs from your home. Our team of professionals has had experience with the worst bed bug problems in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities. Whether it’s an early sign of bed bugs or a home-wide bed bug infestation, we’ll remove the bed bugs in one day. Bed bugs won’t go away by themselves, and it’s really not worth the time or the risk to try to treat the issue yourself.

Call Thermokill’s bed bug exterminators in your area now for a great deal on professional bed bug control.

*We will extend the heat treatment’s warranty to 120 days for clients who leave us a testimonial on our Google or social media accounts.

Bed bugs (bedbugs) are small, roundish insects that live on animals’ or humans’ blood. Bed bugs usually look like small brownish insects. They’re flattened against their host when they feed. Their body swells after they’ve eaten, but when they’re full, their bodies turn red. Bed bug bites look like red, itchy bites on the skin. They will usually appear on the arms or shoulders in straight rows first.

Here’s how to check for bed bugs: To determine whether or not your house has been invaded by bedbugs, it’s essential to know how to identify them. There are various methods for confirming whether or not you might be dealing with an infestation of bed bugs, but the best way is to contact Thermokill who specializes in bed bug treatments. We will provide a thorough inspection and a free estimate.

Many will wonder, “How do you get bed bugs in the first place?” There are many ways and places that are likely to introduce bed bugs into your home or office. A cluttered area will attract them as they require warmth and a mammal or human to reproduce. Also bringing new mattresses, furniture, or second-hand clothing can bring bed bugs with them. If you travel to an area that is commonly infested, the bed bugs will often hitch a ride in your luggage. Be aware when staying in hostels, motels, and hotels as well, as they can sometimes be a source of bed bugs. Be sure to examine and dry clean (where possible) items that you are bringing into your home or back into your residence after travelling. As for how to get rid of bed bugs, we always recommend that a professional bed bug exterminator apply a bed bug treatment, as DIY methods are inferior in every way.

Fill out the form below and one of our bed bug specialists will contact you to arrange an inspection.

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$$ (416) 272-1323 180 West Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1L1  Thermokill Bed Bug Heat TreatmentThermokill Bed Bug Heat Treatment
4.8 Stars - Based on 66 User Reviews

*We will extend the bed bug heat treatment’s warranty to 120 days for clients who leave us a testimonial on our Google or social media accounts.