Why Bed Bug Heat Treatment Is the Right Choice?

Will Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs Damage My Home?

No, heat treatment for bed bugs extermination will not cause any damage to your property or personal belongings. Fortunately, heat treatment does not leave any unpleasant residue that can potentially damage your property and other items.


Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Damage Books?

Heat treatment does not usually damage books if you make proper arrangements. To ensure that your books remain safe during heat treatment, pack them in a wire-mesh basket and place them in the room that will receive the heat treatment.


Does Heat Treatment Kill Bed Bugs?

Yes, heat treatment can effectively kill bed bugs as it involves increasing the temperature of the infested area to more than 140 °F (60 °C) -degree Fahrenheit, under which it is impossible for bed bugs to survive on their own.


How Does Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs Work?

In the heat treatment method, the temperature of the infested room is increased to over 140 °F (60 °C) degrees to kill the bed bugs instantly.


How Effective Is Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs?

Heat treatment is a 100% effective bed bug removal process in which the room temperature is increased to 140 °F (60 °C) degrees to instantly kill all the bed bugs no matter in what stages of the life they are.

How Much Bed Bug Heat Treatment Toronto?

There are varying rates of bed bug heat treatment in Toronto, depending on the size of the room being treated.


How Long After Heat Treatment Do Bed Bugs Die?


You do not have to wait for the bed bugs to die after the heat treatment, as they die instantly. Bed bugs cannot survive under temperatures above 140 °F (60 °C) degrees, and the heat treatment temperature is higher than that.

What to Do After Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Here is what the bed bug specialists need to do after bed bug heat treatment:

  • Speed up the cooling down process after the heat treatment. Turn on fans and air conditioners or open the windows to allow cross ventilation.
  • When the room temperature is back to normal, begin the cleaning process to ensure there are no dead bed bugs or eggs left anywhere.
  • Thoroughly clean all furniture items from inside to ensure no eggs remain in hidden spots.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to ensure all debris and residue are removed properly.


Can Bed Bugs Survive After Heat Treatment?

No bed bugs cannot survive after heat treatment as they are exposed to extremely high temperatures above 140 °F (60 °C) degrees in the process. The bed bugs instantly die once they are exposed to high heat.


What to Do After Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs?

After you have received heat treatment for bed bug extermination, the bed bug exterminator may start with the cleaning process. This ensures that all bed bugs and their eggs are carefully removed from the infected area.


Do Bed Bugs Come Back After Heat Treatment?

No, bed bugs cannot come back after heat treatment as they cannot survive in the high temperatures used in the heat treatment process, unless they be brought back from outside of the house or property.


How to Prepare For Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

When preparing for bed bug heat treatment, make sure that you thoroughly clean the infested area and remove all extra items like shoes, toys, books etc., in net mesh baskets so they can receive the heat treatment safely. Please follow our preparation list.