Should You Do a DIY Heat Treatment to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

While summer is a time for happiness and fun in the sun, it’s also peak season for bed bugs. Those little critters favour warm environments and love to snuggle into sheets and cozy covers.

It can be tempting to get rid of them by following a DIY bed bugs heat treatment tutorial online. However, that’s a mistake. You shouldn’t invest in something that is potentially dangerous or unproductive. Here’s why:

DIY Heat Treatment Pest Control Can Cause Fires

When you’re playing with heat, you’re playing with fire. If you’re trying to kill bed bugs with heat, you may end up making a big mistake like setting the sheets (or the bed) on fire.

The biggest problem with a DIY treatment is the DIY part. You’re not a professional who can handle heat producing instruments with care. Take the example of a welder. They train for years to be able to do what they do. You wouldn’t pick up a blowtorch to try fixing something, would you? DIY heat treatments follow the same principle. However, instead of a metal workshop, you’re in your bedroom surrounded by flammable material.

Most people use either an electric or gas heater for DIY bed bugs control solutions. Online recommendations advise DIYers to heat rooms up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. However, placing heaters too close to wooden furniture, curtains, clothes, paper or other items can cause fires.

One of the worst things that can happen with a DIY heat treatment for bed bugs is a serious fire in your room. If the fire isn’t confined to your bedroom, it can even result in significant damage to the rest of your home. By trying to solve one problem, you’ve created another (and may have thousands of dollars of damage) by trying to get rid of bed bugs on your own.

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Bed Bugs Can Hide from DIY Bed Bugs Heat Treatment

The worst part about DIY heat treatments for pest control is that bed bugs are great at hiding. They may scurry away when temperatures rise.

They are also small enough to hide inside walls, furniture, or small nooks and crannies.
These places act as insulators not allowing the heat to penetrate inside. Sneaky little bed bugs can avoid damage and escape harm entirely. While you think your DIY treatment is effective, you may not actually be solving the problem.

Let us use our knowledge and expertise to do what we do best, remove bed bugs. Our team of professionals have experience with the worst bed bug problems in Canada. Whether it’s a small problem or a home-wide infestation, we’ll take care of it without damaging any furniture or valuables. Bed bugs won’t go away by themselves, and it’s really not worth the time or the risk to try to treat the issue yourself.
You know the next step! Call Thermokill’s bed bug specialists now for a great deal on professional bed bugs control.

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Almost all pest control companies think they know how to get rid of bed bugs, but it is just one of their many services. We are expert only in Bed Bugs removal, that’s all we do! Therefore, our success rates are much higher cmparing to them. Furthermore, before any treatment is performed, we evaluate the property to assess your bed bug infestation to offer the best bed bug treatment.

Save yourself some money and stop trying “do it yourself” methods or products. They never resolve the problem 100% and consequently, makes the cost of bed bug removal higher than it should be. Since bed bugs hide in many small places, only a professional can find them all and fully get rid of them. Let us help you get rid of your Bed Bug infestation right, the first time.

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