How to Check for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be very challenging to deal with. Especially when they have occupied and taken over every corner of your house. They can get themselves comfortable in your home within just a few days. From the curtains, bedding, furniture, to even your wardrobe, these little blood-sucking parasites leave no space unoccupied. If you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation in your home, and want to learn about the early signs of bed bugs, then this article is just for you.
Here is some information that can help you check for bed bugs and identify them effectively. Once the infestation is confirmed, there is only one thing to do. That is to call a bed bug removal service. Thermokill is the premier service provider that can help your home become bed bug-free, often in one day.

Thermokill Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bug identification

To start off, it’s important to know what a bed bug looks like. It is often mistaken for other pests, such as fleas or carpet beetles, due to its small size. The bed bug, however, has a flat body and is only as big as an apple seed. It also has a round body that is reddish-brown in color. Also, these parasites can lay over 100 eggs every day. This is why bed bug infestations can take just a matter of days to become uncontrollable.

Where to look for them and the early signs of bed bugs

Bed bugs love all spaces that are cold, damp, and dark. You are sure to find them hidden under your bedding, under carpets, and even in the seams of your furniture. In addition, you may also notice red bumps that are itchy all over your back, arms, and legs after waking up. This may also keep you up all night scratching. If there are more than a few people in the house who are experiencing this, then it’s a definite signal of a bed bug infestation.

How to get rid of bed bugs

The first thing to do in such a situation is to avoid all DIY home remedies. The actions of putting your mattress out in the sun, using pesticides, and washing your curtains, clothes, and furniture covers will all prove to be ineffective. They do not eliminate the bed bug infestation entirely. Even if one bed bug egg or lymph is left behind, the infestation can occur again within a matter of days.
Instead, you want to invest your time and money in hiring a reliable bed bug removal service provider that specializes in bed bug heat treatment. This process is meticulously carried out to destroy all bed bugs and their eggs using the presence of heat.


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Wrapping it up

So, if you have checked your home and noticed the early signs of bed bugs, then get in touch with Thermokill for an emergency bed bug inspection in the GTA, and heat treatment service right away. If you are outside of the GTA, we will waive the inspection fee upon applying our heat treatment service. Remember, you do not want to delay this process or engage in ineffective home remedies, as either choice will surely cause a bigger infestation going forward.
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