Has Your Home Been Invaded by Bed Bugs?

According to experts, Canada’s bed bug situation is worse than ever, as the vampiric pests are proliferating at a record rate in cities and rural towns. As the bloodsucking, rapidly-reproducing insects have continued to spread, the number of reports of bed bugs has skyrocketed, according to pest management specialists. In recent years, growth has been consistent and rising, and it shows little indication of slowing down.

The life cycle of the insect pests known as bed bugs is roughly 30 days. They subsist on warm blood and feed at night on their hosts. Additionally, bed bugs may transmit salmonella and cause illness. Infestations of bed bugs are common in hotels, hostels, and dormitories. Once they have contaminated a building, they are extremely difficult to eradicate since they can survive for extended periods without food.

There are more than 300 varieties of bed bugs, but they all share four characteristics: they bite, hide, reproduce, and move from one location to another.

Unless they are infected with parasites like lice, bed bugs pose no threat to humans. When bitten, a person will typically experience itching and may see a reddened area surrounding the bite.

Although most individuals do not find bed bugs to be unpleasant, they can make sleeping uncomfortable and cause damage to furniture and clothing. Certain individuals are allergic to them. Frequent travellers should inspect their hotel room periodically for signs of bed bug activity and, if you suspect you may have been bitten, contact the hotel management immediately.

Bed bugs can rapidly spread across a broad region. If you believe that your mattress, box springs, and pillows are infested with bed bugs, you should investigate any areas where clothes and bedding are stored.

Myths About Bed Bugs

Myth: The most prevalent misconception is that they are merely a nuisance.
Fact: Bed bugs can cause major health issues in humans and animals. In addition, they have a significant potential for transmitting diseases such as typhus and malaria.

Myth: Some individuals believe that bed bugs don’t dwell on beds since they hop off of them when you enter the room. Bed bugs enjoy old furniture; as long as the mattress is not too worn, there will be no bedbug concerns.
Fact: Bed bugs reside not only on mattresses and furniture, but also on carpets and in closets where bedding is stored.

Myth: They just inhabit floorboard cracks.
Fact: In addition to lurking in any form of crack or crevice, bed bugs enjoy hiding in walls, furniture, and electrical outlets.
Myth: You need a magnifying lens to see them.
Fact: Bed bugs are fairly easy to identify. They hide under sheets and mattresses, for instance, and emerge at night when you are sleeping.

Be on the Lookout!

Bed bug infestations are becoming more prevalent as a result of the insects’ capacity to reproduce and adapt quickly. They prefer to inhabit dark spaces, such as cracks and crevices, making them challenging to identify and eradicate. Regular cleaning throughout the year is the best method of preventing infestations.

The most effective strategy to prevent bed bugs from invading your home is to keep it clean and clear of clutter. Avoid bringing in secondhand furniture or clothing that has not been thoroughly inspected. Be cautious to inspect your luggage and its contents before bringing it inside the home if you travel.

Additionally, you should routinely inspect your belongings for signs of insect infestation. This consists of clothing, bedding, and pillows. If you discover any suspicious-looking items or areas, have an exterminator check them.

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Reasons Why Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Should be Left to the Experts

The only proven method for eliminating bed bugs from your home is to call expert pest control services to inspect every inch of your home for evidence of an infestation. This is the safest course of action, as it ensures total eradication.

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