Bed Bug Heat Extermination Versus Bed Bug Chemical Extermination

Once you have determined that your home or office is the unfortunate host to bed bugs, you must choose a method for treating the infestation. Although there are many treatment methods available the professionals rely on two, heat treatment and chemical treatment. Let’s take a closer look at them so that you can make an educated decision.

Bed bug heat extermination vs bed bug chemical extermination

Understanding Bed Bugs Treatments

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is an effective way for extermination companies to eradicate bed bugs without using chemicals. Heating raises the temperature to over 60°C (140°F) for 6 hours. The bed bugs’ thermal death occurs during that time. Heat treatments are best done by trained professionals.

They’ll be able to monitor the temperature throughout the home, making sure that the right temperatures are achieved in every part of the building. They’ll know how to set up their heaters correctly and will be able to adjust for any variations in building material or heat sink efficiency. This will ensure the heat does not damage your possessions.

One treatment is sufficient to kill all stages of bed bugs. You will be able to re-enter your home or office after the cooldown period has ended.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatment when conducted appropriately by a licensed exterminator, can be an effective way of controlling bed bugs. This can typically involve the application of several types of insecticide. Each of these types is used to achieve the best results on high-touch surfaces, inside and underneath furniture, cracks, and crevices, and areas such as electrical outlets and baseboards.

This treatment involves two or three visits from the professional exterminator, as the initial treatment rarely kills all the bed bugs. Re-entry after each treatment will only be allowed after the insecticides have dried.

Before treatment of either type, the professional extermination company will provide you with detailed instructions for how to prepare your home or office. It is very important to follow these directions carefully, as preparing the home is a very important step in either treatment process and success.

The Pros and Cons of Heat Treatment Versus Chemical Treatment


Method Pros Cons
Chemical treatment
  • The most cost effective bed bug treatment
  • Not a permanent solution as the bed bugs will come back after a few days or weeks
  • Chemical treatments and pesticides are unable to reach into many corners, edges, cracks, and floor openings.
  • Chemicals can be toxic to people and pets
  • Extensive pre-treatment preparation required
Heat treatment
  • The most effective bed bug extermination
  • Bed bug removal in ONE day!
  • Up to 120-Day Warranty*
  • Minimal pre-treatment preparation required
  • 100% Chemical Free
  • Total extermination guarantee
  • Most expensive

Preparing for a Bed Bugs Treatment

Prior to a bed bug treatment, a professional exterminator will provide a treatment preparation checklist that highlights steps you need to take to avoid damaging property and potentially dangerous situations.

It’s your call

While the method you choose to rid your home or office of bed bugs must be discussed, there is only one right choice of professional. Choosing Thermokill to do the job is a wise decision. If you think there’s a chance you may have bed bugs, call us right away! We’ll carefully examine your home for signs of bed bug infestation and provide you with an accurate diagnosis and recommend the best extermination method for your situation. Call today at (416) 272-1323 for more information and to schedule an appointment.

*We will extend the heat treatment’s warranty to 120 days for clients who leave us a testimonial on our Google or social media accounts.