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Bed bug heat treatment Woodbridge

Professional bed bug heat treatment Woodbridge

If your Woodbridge home or office has a bed bug problem, you should call a professional pest control company. At Thermokill, we provide heat treatment to eliminate bed bugs from your property. The heat is safer and better for the environment than using chemicals. We have been serving clients in the GTA for many years. Our technicians are all licensed and insured, so rest assured you can go back to living a life free from bed bugs.

Bed bug heat treatment process

  • You can get a quote for free. Give us a call, and we’ll tell you how much our services will be. There’s no obligation on your end. 
  • You can book an appointment with us for an inspection. We will find a time and date that works best for you. 
  • We will inspect the affected areas to get a better idea of the pest problem. 
  • We inform you of any preparations you should make prior to the beginning of treatment.
  • We take about 5 or 6 hours to do the heat treatment. 
  • We schedule a courtesy visit to follow up with you.

What makes Thermokill different?

  • We have experience in pest control, specifically bed bug removal. Our technicians are trained and keep up with their training. 
  • We use the best technology and tools to do our job. The heat treatment is advanced and effective enough that it doesn’t require multiple treatments. 
  • We don’t use harmful chemicals or insecticides. After all, we don’t want to cause damage to your property or have your family inhaling chemicals.  
  • We don’t need you to throw out your belongings. 
  • We eliminate not only the bed bugs but also the eggs laid. This ensures you won’t continue to have bed bugs in your home. 
  • We have a warranty that is good for 60 days. Your safety and satisfaction are important to us.

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Rob GrayRob Gray

I would like to personally thank Thermokill !! - They were totally professional and had a very fast response time to our family emergency. They dealt with it quickly and went over and above.
If we did there services again we will definitely will use again or recommend!!!

Ash KAsh K

This company goes above and beyond to make sure the treatment is done properly. ThermoKill is by far the best company to choose. I have used different companies before, so have something to compare too.

They are a trustworthy company that emailed every transaction and procedure being done. I left the apartment keys in their possession to open and lock up, as they gave me emailed notification when each was occurring. The price was great considering how thorough they are.

I had them prep the apartment and they moved everything, got in every corner making sure to not miss any spots. I received many videos of the work being done. They stayed in constant contact with me and always answered the phone.

ThermoKill is a company that is not only efficient but cares. They made accommodation where necessary and made the whole process smooth and completed as promised. I will be leaving another review in 2 weeks after follow up is done to let everyone reading know how the end process went.

Tanya GordonTanya Gordon

Hannah answered the phone and made me feel instantly relieved after having had terrible phone calls with other pest removal companies: all other companies would not take on a bed bug removal contract unless i agreed to launder and clean every single piece of clothing, linen, and furniture in my entire home and bag them according to their specifications and go through every single piece of paper and leaf through every single book in my home to ensure no bugs found and box all with air tight sealing. At the time (during the middle of a global pandemic), i decided it would have been easier to just move after boxing and bagging everything I own. Saeid came by my place for a free estimate and was amazing. He offered to remove and wash all of my clothing, steam clean all of my furniture, and also explained their newer bed bug spray technology which has worked!! No bed bug sitings since Saied’s treatment in February. So thankful and so appreciative. Thank you Thermokill for helping me through a very stressful bed bug infestation.

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Are you in need of bed bug heat treatment services in Woodbridge? Give us a call at (416) 272-1323 or send an email to info@thermokill.ca. We look forward to helping you.

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