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100% Extermination Guarantee

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Professional bed bug heat treatment

Bed Bugs Control in Mississauga

At Thermokill, we want to remove bed bugs from your home in a safe and efficient manner. We use heat instead of harsh chemicals or insecticides. This is better and more environmentally friendly. We have a lot of experience in pest removal and control. Our technicians are licensed and insured. We operate in the Greater Toronto Area.

Bed bug heat treatment process

  • You can get in touch with us for a quote. It is free and there is no obligation. 
  • You are able to schedule an appointment with us. 
  • We will inspect your home or office. Our team will assess the extent of the bed bug problem and examine the affected areas. 
  • We will inform you about preparations for the treatment.
  • We can complete the heat treatment in about 5 to 6 hours. 
  • In two weeks, we will follow up with you. We want to ensure all bed bugs are eliminated from your home.

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Why Choose Thermokill Bed Bug Exterminators


What are bed bugs, and how do they infest homes?

Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that infest homes by hitchhiking on luggage, clothing, or furniture. They can also enter through cracks and crevices in walls or floors.

Is heat treatment safe for my home or business?

Heat treatment is a safe method of removing bed bugs when performed by professionals who are trained in this technique. We take necessary precautions to protect your belongings and ensure the safety of your property during the process.

Will heat treatment damage my furniture or belongings?

We use specialized equipment and techniques to ward off the risk of damage to your furniture and belongings. However, it is recommended to remove heat-sensitive items such as electronics, certain plastics, and candles from the treatment area.

Do I need to vacate my property during the heat treatment?

Yes, it is generally advised to vacate the property during the heat treatment session. The high temperatures involved can be uncomfortable and potentially harmful to humans and pets. However, we make sure that the heat treatment session is completed on the same day.

How can I tell if I have a bed bug infestation?

Signs of a bed bug infestation include finding live or dead bed bugs, shed skins, blood stains on sheets, and small dark spots (fecal matter) on mattresses or furniture.

Are bed bugs harmful to humans? Do they transmit diseases?

While bed bugs are considered nuisance pests, they do not transmit diseases to humans. However, their bites can cause itching, allergic reactions, and secondary skin infections due to scratching.

How quickly can a bed bug infestation spread throughout a home?

Bed bug infestations can spread rapidly. A single female bed bug can lay hundreds of eggs in her lifetime, and the nymphs can mature into adults within a few weeks. Infestations can quickly multiply if not addressed promptly.

What are the signs or symptoms of bed bug bites?

Bed bug bites typically appear as red, itchy welts on the skin. However, not everyone reacts to bed bug bites, so it’s possible to have an infestation without visible bite marks.

Can I try to get rid of bed bugs myself, or do I need professional extermination?

While DIY methods may help in some cases, professional bed bug extermination is highly recommended for effective eradication. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate completely without professional expertise and specialized treatments.

What methods or treatments do professional bed bug exterminators use?

Thermokill professional bed bug treatment employs a variety of methods, including heat treatments, steam treatments, and vacuuming. We take all measures to eliminate bed bugs in cracks and crevices as well.

How long does it take to eliminate a bed bug infestation completely?

The duration of bed bug treatment varies depending on the size of the infestation and the extent of the problem. We usually complete the bed bug extermination in one day with heat treatment.

Are the products used by exterminators safe for my family and pets?

With Thermokill only products that are approved for use in residential settings and are safe when applied according to instructions are deployed. We take precautions to minimize risks to humans and pets during the treatment process.

What steps can I take to prevent future bed bug infestations in my home?

To prevent future bed bug infestations, it is essential to practice good hygiene, regularly inspect bedding and furniture, minimize clutter, and be cautious when traveling by thoroughly inspecting luggage and hotel rooms. If you suspect an infestation, prompt action and professional assistance can prevent the problem from worsening.

Living in Mississauga, get rid of bed bugs in one day!

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I witnessed my friend go through a hellish bed bug infestation for more than 2 years. The apartment management sent the same pest control company 5 times with the same outcome…they were never truly eradicated and she suffered. Not to mention the thousands spent on a professional prep company because she is disabled and unable to do it herself.
I read a lot about heat treatments and finally contacted Thermokill. No, they are not cheap, but one look at the specialized equipment they bring in and it’s not hard to figure out that the costs involved in the treatment are also not cheap; not to mention the 10 hours a team of 3 spent treating a one bedroom apartment. They worked HARD!! The results were amazing!
As this was was a severe infestation, some small activity returned in a short time unfortunately. Thermokill honoured their guarantee with additional treatment and ultimately gave my friend her life back.
If you have ever experienced an infestation so severe, you will understand that any money spent to do this work properly is absolutely worth the price! You cannot put a price tag on quality of life. Chemical treatment alone will not get rid of an infestation. Heat works!! On behalf of myself and my friend Debbie, Thank you Thermokill!!

Vanessa FerroVanessa Ferro

Thermokill was great to work with!

They were able to schedule my initial inspection within 48 hours of me calling them, and the inspection is free with no obligation to go with them!

They responded quickly after the inspection, and was able to schedule the treatment within 72 hours of the initial inspection.

They provided well documented and detailed instructions on how to properly prepare your home for treatment and promptly answered any additional questions that I had.

It was roughly $800+tax to treat my 1 bedroom condo. They used both heat and chemical applications while treating my home, and the follow up inspection was included in this fee.

The techs are courteous and respectful, and did a great job exterminating bedbugs from my home.

All in all great value for the services and peace of mind they provide.

10/10 would recommend !

Kristy RadfordKristy Radford

We recently used this company for our home and I am beyond grateful for their fast , effective and efficient services. I felt taken care of right from the initial phone call. They’re compassionate , prompt and extremely professional. The team that worked on my home kept in contact all day during the treatment and I am so satisfied with the completion of the extermination . My home finally feels like my own home again . Thanks everyone.

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Are you in need of bed bug heat treatment services in Mississauga? Give us a call at (416) 272-1323 or send an email to info@thermokill.ca. We look forward to helping you.

Areas we serve

Thermokill offers variety of bed bug treatments

Variety of bed bug treatments-Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

The most effective bed bug extermination

Variety of bed bug treatments-Conventional Bed Bug Treatment-

Conventional Bed Bug Treatment

The most cost effective bed bug treatment

Variety of bed bug treatments- Aprehend Bed Bug Treatment

Aprehend Bed Bug Treatment

Affordable Bed Bug Treatment

Variety of bed bug treatments-Vacuum & Steam Treatment

Vacuum & Steam Treatment

A simple bed bug removal solution

Almost all pest control companies offer a method to get rid of bed bugs, but it is just one of their many services. We are experts in bed bug removal, and that's all we do! Therefore, our success rates are much higher compared to others. Furthermore, before any treatment is performed, we evaluate the property to assess your bed bug infestation to offer the best bed bug treatment available.

Save yourself some money and stop trying “do-it-yourself” methods or products. They never resolve the problem 100% and consequently, make the cost of bed bug removal higher than it should be. Since bed bugs hide in many small places, only a professional can find them all and get rid of them. Let us help you to get rid of your bed bug infestation right, the first time.

*We will extend the heat treatment’s warranty to 120 days for clients who leave us a testimonial on our Google or social media accounts.

Bed bug treatment costs for apartments & condos

Apartment Size Cost
One room Starting $350
One-bedroom Apartment Starting $475
One-bedroom + den Starting $550
Two-bedroom Apartment Starting $750
Three-bedroom Apartment Starting $950
Four-bedroom Apartment Starting $1100


Bed bug extermination cost for houses


Property Size Cost
Under 1000 sq. ft. Starting $700
1000 to 1500 sq. ft. Starting $850
1500 to 2000 sq. ft. Starting $1250
2000 to 2500 sq. ft. Starting $1450
2500 to 3000 sq. ft. Starting $1650
3000 to 3500 sq. ft. Starting $1900
3500+ sq. ft. Please contact the customer care


Please contact our customer care agent at (416) 272-1323 or alternatively use the chat to book your inspection and get a quotation. Get rid of bed bugs in one day!

Need bed bug treatment for commercial business?

Bed bug infestations must be detected quickly and treated appropriately to prevent them from getting out of hand. Heat treatment is the most appropriate form of eradication because it requires the least amount of time to perform with minimal disruption to the business. Contact us for commercial bed bug issues.